Finish-Up Resolutions

Happy New Year. I have to tell you that 2009 had to be one of the best years in my short 35 years to roam this little planet. To many great expierences to count and of course I got my physical self back by losing so much darn weight. I really fit so much better in the airplanes now.  So, how do I top that? I am not sure but I have always felt fairly goal oriented. SO this year my goal will be to continue my weight loss journey and I would like to run a half marathon. My hope is to run the Disneyland Marathon on Labor Day weekend.

What’s your resolution? I know that many of our customers come out and start training but to only “have that darn day job get in the way.” Or perhaps you already finished your license but want to finish up the instrument training or you want to get checked out in our Cirrus or Arrow and have access to a larger fleet of aircraft for your use. This is a great time of year to do it.

The basic message here is that there’s absolutely no shame in coming back to flight after having taken your first few steps. Lots of people do it! I did it! Several times! If you stick to it, you have a great chance of becoming a newly-certificated private pilot.

C’mon back to the airport! That wonderful perfume of recently-combusted 100LL and freshly-mown grass is waiting for you. I did it. Lots of people have done it. You can do it!


One Response to Finish-Up Resolutions

  1. I found this in my drafts….for some reason it never posted. So change Happy New year to read Happy st Patty’s Day.

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