Christmas time at the airport

December 26, 2009

As I sat at the flight school on Christmas Eve digging my wifves Honda CR-V out of the snow. It reminded me of a good joke that was passed to me on email. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight.

Buen Dia! (as they say on Montery Center)

Santa is about to take off on Christmas Eve for his annual ride when FAA inspector Juan Rivera approaches him in front of the hangar. “How long has it been since you’ve flown this sleigh,” he asks the Big Guy. “Exactly one year tonight,” Santa replies. “Well,” says the inspector, “I’d say you’re out of currency. We’d better take a ride together.

Wondering of course whether he did indeed turn in his paper certificate for a plastic replacement, Santa invites the inspector aboard. Being pretty quick, Santa couldn’t help noticing the 45 strapped to the inspector’s belt. “Why would you need a gun on a checkout flight?” Santa wondered.

“Well, I’m not really supposed to tell you this,” the inspector replied, “but you’re going to lose one on takeoff.”


Got A Paper Certificate? Replace It Now

December 24, 2009

If your FAA pilot certificate is printed on paper, it’s going to expire on March 31, unless you replace it with a new plastic certificate. To get the new counterfeit-resistant certificates, you have to fill out a form and mail it to the FAA in Oklahoma City along with $2 for each certificate you want to replace, or you can do it online. Either way, the new certificate won’t list your original date of issue, so you might want to keep that old dog-eared piece of paper to prove your longevity. If you apply by mail, it’s going to take four to six weeks, and up to 10 days for online processing, so don’t put it off till the last minute or you could find yourself grounded. Some non-pilot certificates, such as those for flight engineers and mechanics, are good for another three years but then they will also have to be replaced. Student certificates are not affected.

While you’re at it, you can also ask the FAA to issue you a new certificate number that is not your social security number. There is no additional charge to make this change.

 You can click here to visit the FAA website where you can make the changes.

New website is active

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone.

This morning I was able to publish our new website design. I am sure there will be plenty of changes and missing information but we will work hard to fix it. The best part is much of the outdated information on the old site is now offline.

HCA will be closed today and tomorrow. If you have a rental or need an aircraft please call our office and speak with our call center. It is answered 24hrs a day and they will get your message to whoever is on call. (Usually Louie).

Please do not forget about our Seminole special. It will be extended into January. That is $100/hr dry.